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“I lost 12 1/2 lbs. in 7 days! And I’ve come to depend on Chef V’s Green Juice…”

Aerika – San Diego, CA


“Chef V’s  Organic Green Drink gives me the boost I need. I don’t even drink coffee anymore!”

Cody Bramlett – North Park, CA


“I just lost 10 lbs. on Chef V’s Green Drink… in 10 days. I’m so excited!!!”

Desiree – San Diego, CA

Weekly Green Drink Delivery

SAVE $20! 1 Month Prepay

SAVE $150! 6 Month Prepay

Green Drink Testimonials of the Month!

February 2014


January 2014

“”It’s changed my whole perspective on cleansing… I’d be happy to recommend it to anyone and do it again!”

Emily S. – San Jose, CA

December 2013

“It’s an incredible program and you lose weight fast. The first time I lost 7 LBS. in 3 days. This time I expect to lose more…”

Cody Bramlett – North Park, CA

November 2013

“I was a little bit worried at first, a little bit nervous. But I can tell you just after a couple days I felt an immense change…”

Elise – La Jolla, CA

October 2013

Darren“Thank you so much for this service. I have been losing an average of about 3 pounds per week since starting my juice delivery service. I own a juicer myself … but stopped using it because of the drain on my time. The cost of the groceries plus the time it took to shop plus making the juice plus CLEANING THE JUICER was just brutal. Now with Chef V’s green juice delivery, I have more energy during my business days and I no longer get the ravenous hunger that i used to get before each meal, losing weight, feeling great, and no more CLEANING the dang juicer myself!!

Thanks again for this great service.”

Darren Rysedorph – San Diego, CA

September 2013

“I’m officially a cleanse believer! I’m a mom of three young little girls and I have a difficult time sleeping in the evening and really just keeping up with them…”

Jennifer Wood – Los Gatos, CA

August 2013

“Just after 3 days my husband lost 13.6 lbs. and I’ve lost 6.8… We are looking forward to a healthy, happy lifestyle thanks to Chef V!”

Jeanette – San Diego, CA

July 2013

“The reason I like it is because it’s the one thing I can do everyday to get in my Greens, to get in my Vitamins and stay healthy!”

Seth O’Byrne – Encinitas, CA

June 2013

“I absolutely love the green drink and feel so much better since I have been drinking it daily. Since I started I have lost body fat 3% and 5 pounds. I am well on my way to my goal weight and figure!”

Heather Hill – El Cajon, CA

May 2013

“I am almost through week 2 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GREEN DRINK! A friend of mine was telling me about it but I had no idea of the benefits it contained. Because I have been so busy with work, etc, I decided to try it without doing much research or anything — after the first week I was noticing things like weight loss, increased energy, feel better and my favorite is I noticed I was not craving carbs as I usually do — when I received my 2nd delivery and actually read the paper provided, I realized this is to be expected! Among other benefits, I am a dedicated customer and have already passed the info on to 5 people I know and 2 I met on a plane! Just give it a try – you will not be sorry…. ”

Melissa Polly – San Diego, CA

April 2013

“I’m taking Chef V’s Organic Green Drink every day and I have the most energy I’ve ever had!”

Alison Ireton – San Diego, CA

March 2013

“Chef V’s Organic Green Drink has changed my life. After 50+ years of an unhealthy lifestyle, I’ve finally started exercising regularly —– and now have started the Organic Green Drink. After 2 weeks, boy do I feel better—– like I’m 40 again! I just wish I met Chef V 10 years ago.”

Sam – Lake Oswego, OR

February 2013

“I have been drinking Chef’s V Green Drink for a couple months now and a couple days ago was complimented by the cashier lady at my regular grocery store on how amazing my facial skin looked! I am so excited because health & skin were the main reasons I decided to get into raw veggie drinks. At first I was feeling a little guilty spending that much money on myself (Mom of 3) but by the time I calculated the costs of the equipment, the fresh produce and time spent blending every day, Chef V’s delivery was the much better choice!

Jeannine Sataua – Point Loma, CA

January 2013

“I lost 12 1/2 lbs. in 7 days! And I’ve come to depend on Chef V’s Green Juice…”

Aerika – San Diego, CA

December 2012

“As a healthcare professional, I recommend Chef V’s Organic Green Drink to all my clients and my family!”

Dr. Brian Beckner – San Diego, CA

Compare Chef V’s ORGANIC Green Drink

(1 Week Supply = 3 Serving/Day 7 Days/Week = 128 Ounces)

NAKED’S GREEN MACHINE = 10 Times More Sugar!!!


Each 8oz. serving of Naked’s leading Green Machine has an unbelievable 28 GRAMS of SUGAR while Chef V’s Organic Green Drink has LESS THAN 3 GRAMS!

JAMBA JUICE WHEATGRASS = 10 Times More Expensive!!!

Wheat Grass shots from Jamba Juice can cost well over $2.00 PER OUNCE while Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is under $0.25 PER OUNCE!

DO IT YOURSELF = Waste of Time & Money!!!

If you’ve ever tried to go to the farmer’s market and make Chef V’s Organic Green Drink yourself, you know it takes OVER 4 HOURS and COSTS MORE than $15 for the ingredients alone! How much is your free time worth?

You’ll never be the same once you’ve experienced this life changing drink from Chef V, San Diego’s First Organic Chef Formulator.


“Have you ever wanted energy like a five-year old, be able to burn FAT like an incinerator, feel better, look 10 years younger, and do it in LESS THAN a minute a day?”


More Testimonials!

“I have tried all the usual store bought nutrition drinks but they are generally loaded with sugar, preservatives and unwanted additives. With Chef V’s Organic Green Drink I feel great and jump out of bed on Monday to start my week with some delicious nutrition. I feel like I am giving my body the real nutrition it needs and my body appreciates it!”

Jim Baxter – Del Mar, CA

“At first I was weary to drink a “green drink”. I’ve tried others in stores and the farmer’s market but they taste horrible. Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is so fresh and actually tastes really good without a ton of sugar. Now, I can’t live without this drink!”

Ashley Ackerman – Point Loma, CA

“This is WAY BETTER than anything else I’ve ever tasted!”

Jon Barrett – San Diego, CA

“It’s all ORGANIC, it’s all sourced locally here in SAN DIEGO and I actually drink it!”

Henry Evans – Poway, CA

“I’ve never felt or looked better. That’s because Private Chef Delivery keeps me healthy. Frankly, I’ve never been sick when I’m drinking Chef V’s Organic Green Drink regularly. It’s Awesome! I’m so happy Chef V is in San Diego…”

Brandon Kress – San Diego, CA

“Chef’ V’s Organic Green Drink is the best green drink in San Diego. Some call it the best green juice or best juice cleanses. Either way, it’s a million times better than naked’s green machine, which doesn’t contain any of the benefits of real green drinks. Also, it tastes better and lasts longer than other organic green drinks in San Diego.”

Kaelee Christensen – Rancho Bernardo, CA


Weekly Green Drink Delivery

SAVE $20! 1 Month Prepay

SAVE $150! 6 Month Prepay

The benefits of green juice from Chef V include all the benefits of juicing plus the benefits of blending. If you have ever wondered, “How Do I Lose Weight?”, “How Can I Lose Weight?” or “Help me lose weight!!!” all you need to do is SHAKE WELL and drink 6-12 ounces FIRST thing in the AM before breakfast and 4-8 ounces before eating ALL other meals. This allows for MAXIMUM nutrient absorption and LIFE CHANGING RESULTS!

If you would like more information about Chef V’s Organic Green Drink please contact your Private Chef – Chef V (Veronica Wheat) – (858) 397-5454 – ChefV@PrivateChefDelivery.com.

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