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“I’ve sat through beautiful dinners and had Chef V’s amazing soup and I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all!”

Lisa Sasevich – La Jolla, CA


“I lost 12 1/2 lbs. in 7 days! I thought it would be difficult but after the first day it was really good for me…”

Aerika – San Diego, CA


“As a healthcare professional, I recommend Chef V’s Organic Green Drink to all my clients and my family!”

Dr. Brian Beckner - San Diego, CA







Are YOU Ready to Detox, Cleanse & LOSE Up to 25 LBS. in 7 Days in a SAFE & ORGANIC Way?

Join the 1000’s of People just like YOU that are benefiting from Chef V’s ORGANIC Cleanse.

Chef V’s Organic Cleanse comes with EVERYTHING you need to CLEANSE, DETOX and LOSE up to 25 lbs in 7 days. Each day you will have DELICIOUS organic juices, protein shakes and soup, that will cleanse your body without being hungry all day.


I make it EASY for you to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS with our easy to follow menu instructions.

Just Drink, Eat, & LOSE

No need to be an Olympic Gold Medalist or Buddhist Trained Yogi!


EACH DAY During Chef V’s Organic Cleanse You Will ENJOY…

Chef V’s ORGANIC Green Drink

The Ultimate Energy Booster!

Cleanses your Vital ORGANS and rids harmful TOXINS from the body without the discomfort of other cleanses. Also, helps you burn FAT, gain ENERGY, think CLEARER, SLEEP better, relieve STRESS, and its PREVENTATIVE health care!

(4 Times Daily)

“I absolutely love the green drink and feel so much better since I have been drinking it daily. Since I started I have lost body fat 3% and 5 pounds. I am well on my way to my goal weight and figure!”

Heather Hill – El Cajon

Chef V’s Ultra Shake

The Ultimate Nutritional Rejuvenator!

Comprehensive, whole food multi-vitamin protein shakes with the added benefit of Vega pea protein that helps you stay SATISFIED throughout the day. Each serving contains an abundance of invigorating nutrients from a diversity of natural sources that rejuvenate the body.

(Twice Daily)

“With Chef V’s Organic Cleanse I’m able to continue my regular exercise routine. The Ultra Shakes give my muscles the protein they need to recover and I’m never starving for anything else to eat.”

Brandon Kress – San Diego, CA

Chef V’s Detox Soup

The Ultimate Organic Cleanser!

A variety of “soup de jours” packed with local, organic ingredients that DETOXIFY the body, keep you full, and taste so good you’ll feel as though you’re indulging! You won’t even believe all of the AMAZING benefits you’ll receive from these detox soups – CLEANSE YOUR LIVER, PREVENT CANCER, IMPROVE DIGESTION, REGULATE BLOOD SUGAR, and MANY MORE!

(Once Daily)

“The detox soups were my favorite part of the Chef V’s Organic Cleanse. I was surprised how good they tasted. It was better than soup from my favorite restaurant in La Jolla. I never thought cleansing could be this easy.”

Ashley Ackerman, Point Loma, CA

Chef V’s Organic Cleanse was made for busy professionals who don’t want an extreme cleanse that leaves you on the toilet for 3 days.

You still need to go to work, pick up the kids, exercise, and travel… now you can LIVE LIFE and enjoy a SAFE organic cleanse formulated by your very own Personal Wellness Chef and approved by a local, Licensed Nutritional Therapist, Toni Fairman (Carlsbad, CA – 858.259.6000).


Organic Cleanse Testimonials of the Month!

February 2014


January 2014

“”It’s changed my whole perspective on cleansing… I’d be happy to recommend it to anyone and do it again!”

Emily S. – San Jose, CA

December 2013

“It’s an incredible program and you lose weight fast. The first time I lost 7 LBS. in 3 days. This time I expect to lose more…”

Cody Bramlett – North Park, CA

November 2013

“I was a little bit worried at first, a little bit nervous. But I can tell you just after a couple days I felt an immense change…”

Elise – La Jolla, CA

October 2013

“It’s the first time I’ve done a cleanse like this and felt this good this early on. Usually day two I feel pretty crummy…”

Matt Lesley – Windsor, CA

September 2013

“I’m officially a cleanse believer! I’m a mom of three young little girls and I have a difficult time sleeping in the evening and really just keeping up with them…”

Jennifer Wood – Los Gatos, CA

August 2013

“Just after 3 days my husband lost 13.6 lbs. and I’ve lost 6.8… We are looking forward to a healthy, happy lifestyle thanks to Chef V!”

Jeanette – San Diego, CA

July 2013

“Everything is really tasty. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Chef V’s Organic Cleanse. I’ve had more energy than normal!”

Jessica Hetzer - La Jolla, CA

June 2013

Chef V’s Green Drink is tasty. I lost 3% of my weight on a 5 day cleanse. I used the delivery service which was fast and easy. I will order again.

Scott K. – Burbank, CA

May 2013

“You are what you eat… Chef V’s cleanse allows the body to flush out all the toxins and waste that has built up over time while simultaneously replenishing your body with all the nutrients that it really needs to heal and function at 100% and to make you live a healthier life.”

Dr. Fatimah – Pacific Beach, CA

April 2013

Chef V’s Organic Cleanse was great, we both really enjoyed doing it together. We have done other popular cleanses that we could not finish. This cleanse was easy to follow and easy to do as well as tasty. The green drink and protein shake were really tasty. We had no problem getting those down. We both kind of giggled when your directions said drink within 30 min because we drank them so easily and quickly, because they were so tasty. Once you get thru the first day it’s easy! We both felt great in the end and my husband and I want to do it again soon. I lost about 6 pounds and Christian lost 8. Overall a success and we look forward to doing it again! Thanks again!

Carly & Christian Capper – Redondo Beach, CA

March 2013

I decided to try the 5 day cleanse and I am over the top happy with the results! I lost 10 lbs and have managed to keep it off! I never really felt like I was starving, I did want to chew food, but hey, for 5 days it was super easy! Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is to die for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I can’t get enough of it!!! The protein shake was pretty delicious and the soup was really filling! My energy levels and attention span were way higher than normal and I just felt all around better about myself! Chef V has given me that confidence that I can lose the weight and feel beautiful with a product that has only fresh organic ingredients and without starvation!!!! I purchased the cleanse for my sister and I can’t wait to see her results! It is completely worth it and the results you will have will be amazing! I absolutely recommend using Chef V’s any of Chef V’s products and I can’t wait to do the cleanse again!

Jamie Dann – San Marcos, CA

February 2013

I am so glad that I did Chef V’s juice cleanse. I would like to share my experience during the cleanse. I am a heavy coffee drinker, so the first day of the cleanse I was having headache because of caffeine withdrawal, however, it got better the next day. On the third day of the cleanse, I felt good and began to see and feel positive results. My carpal tunnel that used to wake me up in the middle of the night due to pain and numbness of my hands disappeared. Now, I have more energy and many of my friends and family are saying that my skin is glowing. I bought another day cleanse which I will be using in the future. Thank you Chef V!

Katherine S., San Diego CA

January 2013

“I lost 12 1/2 lbs. in 7 days! I thought it would be difficult but after the first day it was really good for me…”

Aerika – San Diego, CA

December 2012

“A HUGE thank you to Chef V and her incredible organic cleanse! I’m now an avid fan and believer of everything the cleanse promises to do: I have more energy, get better sleep, weight loss, clearer mind and so much more. And Chef V’s commitment to customer service is top-notch, always willing to answer questions and I love her constant encouragement to keep me informed through every stage of the cleanse. I’ve had such amazing results since my first cleanse, I’m committed to doing a cleanse at least once a month for 2013, and honestly look forward to it every time, and I’m almost sad to see it end!”

A.C. Goetz – San Diego, CA

“As a Personal Fitness Trainer in San Diego, Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is a great tool for helping my clients reach their fitness goals.”

Charles Clay – Pacific Beach, CA

“I absolutely love the green drink and feel so much better since I have been drinking it daily. Since I started I have lost body fat 3% and 5 pounds. I am well on my way to my goal weight and figure!”

Heather Hill – El Cajon, CA

“I just finished Chef V’s 7 Day All Organic Cleanse and I feel amazing. I recommend Chef V’s Organic Cleanse to anyone in San Diego that wants to detox, cleanse, and lose weight.”

Brandon Kress – San Diego, CA


Amazing Chef V's Organic Cleanse Testimonial 9.20.13

Chef V’s Organic Cleanse Includes:

*Eating & Drinking 6 Times Each Day – All Your Food & Beverages are Included – Nothing other than water needed!
*No disgusting foods, artificial flavors or anything that will make you gag!
*The secret’s in the order that you consume Chef V’s organic recipes.
*Increase Your Metabolism Quickly.
*Burn Fat, Sleep Better, and Relieve Stress!
*All foods are fresh, organic and non-pasteurized for maximum health benefits. Refrigeration is required.
*No additional foods, beverages or other supplements to purchase.
*Cleanse & Drop up to 25 lbs. in 7 days.
*Shrink your waist line & reduce unhealthy food cravings.
*Safe & Nutritionist Approved, All-Natural, Organic, Local ingredients.
*Detailed menu instructions & FAQs included.
*Gluten-Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Options.
*Fat-burning cleansing juices, protein shakes and detox soups are all included.

“At first I was weary to drink a “green drink”. I’ve tried others in stores and the farmer’s market but they taste horrible. Chef V’s Organic Green Drink is so fresh and actually tastes really good without a ton of sugar. Now, I can’t live without this drink!”

Ashley Ackerman – Point Loma, CA

“About a month ago my husband and I were watching an episode of Dr. OZ that was all about cleansing. We got so excited to try his cleanse but soon realized all the work that goes into making it! There’s all the shopping, the preparing, the cooking and the cleaning all before the real work begins… CLEANSING! After the show ended we hopped on the computer and started researching cleanses on the internet. Luckily, we found Chef V and her AMAZING Organic Cleanse! It is exactly what Dr. OZ suggested and I lost 9lbs in 3 days! My husband lost 15 lbs!!!”

Renee Schultz – San Diego, CA

“Chef V’s  Organic Green Drink gives me the boost I need. I don’t even drink coffee anymore!”

Cody Bramlett - North Park, CA









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